They And Book Group Photo, Can Take Such A Beautiful Picture


What happens when photography meets books? The bookstore will give you the answer. When it comes to France, it seems that the first thing people think of is romance. The bookstore, the Librairie mollat, was born here.

It has been more than 100 years since it became the first independent bookstore in France in 1896. However, it may never have thought that today, a hundred years later, it will become popular in such a way: shooting in a misplaced way.

At first, it was just a "game" for employees to pass their boring time. Unexpectedly, it was liked by a large number of netizens after the release of social media. They think that this idea is very novel, and some people say that this method of taking souvenir photos has unique charm. As a result, one thing leads to another.

Not only employees, but also more and more readers, young people join.

It may not be expected by employees and bosses that a photography idea that costs little money has become a "viral" marketing.

The size of the eyes, the mood of the eyes, even the length of the eyelashes, they all have to match.

It's very interesting when the facial contours of the subject and the "character" on the cover are highly integrated.

The temperament conveyed by body language is a perfect encounter with the "characters" on the cover.

Really want to say: very good at looking for material, looking for angle, and each is a good actor!

I came to buy books, but in the end I became a model.