This Photo Gave Us Goosebumps. Take A Closer Look And You Will See!


Do you think you have seen it all? I promise you. You have not! In this gallery, you find 50+ photos that will give you goosebumps.  #29 is the best!

1. Look twice :-)

This bride gets a little more than she bargained for in this photobomb. Think you know what you just saw, look twice! Turns out it is just this guest’s right arm distorting the frame of the picture. Luckily, this couple will have a funny picture to look back on for years to come.

2. A bit weird maybe?

Three friends taking a celebratory picture? Or perhaps a friend sneaking into the frame to mess with the girls.  No, look a bit closer, closer… Now look at the window, it's a ghost! Not to worry, that is simply the branch of the tree messing with the image.

3. Haunted forest

Nothing like taking a walk in the woods with your friends. But some woods are a bit different, Some woods are haunted. These three teens never expected what they would find behind them in the frame of their picture. Guess they won't be going out to the woods any time soon.

4. Never invite her again

Going out with friends is always a good time. And sometimes, it’s so good we decide to commemorate the moment with a photo. However, there’s always that one friend who ruins the perfect picture with a funny face, except this face is more alarming. Will she be getting invited next time? 

5. Scariest selfie?

Everyone likes a picture of a beautiful girl, this picture however, is a little more than you can bargain for. You see, while she poses for her selfie someone else gets a sneak appearance in the picture, haunted mirror or maybe just a trick of the light? We may never know.

6. Evil eyes

Sheep may be soft and gentle to hold because of their cotton fur but don’t go looking for them at night you may get a surprising view. This picture of a herd of sheep at night looks like a flock of evil eyes, maybe even tiny-sized aliens preparing to take over the world.

7. He has the spotlight

A night out at the bar with friends and a perfect picture of three gorgeous women smiling at the camera, except they are not the ones that catch your eye. No, a shiny figure takes the spotlight in this shot. Wonder if this stranger knows he stole the spotlight from three beautiful women.

8. Lighthouse keeper’s daughter

There are different stories out there, but many of them are simply just myths. The story of the lighthouse keeper's daughter who jumped to her death waiting for her love is a famous story. But what happens when a tourist gets a shot of the famous ghost?

9. The happy couple

Many couples love to spend time with each other, a fun activity for many couples is taking dance lessons together. When this young couple takes a picture at their dance lesson they never expect the photobomb that takes place. This stranger looks awful pleased with himself. Haha!

10. A quiet country home?

At first glance all we see is a lovely house hidden behind the trees and bushes, however on closer look, we see a nurse. This lovely home is actually a historical building, but not what you would expect. It is one of the 42 buildings that made up the Trudeau Sanitorium for people with tuberculosis.

11. Through the looking glass

Another great photobomb by a stranger, this time someone pretends to be held captive. Three friends making faces at the camera while a man tries to get their attention? This photobomb is one these girls never expected. Say cheese girls!

12. Student dorm prank

College pranks are an infamous part of college culture. Nothing like a good ghost scare to create some lasting moments and a good laugh. But this pretends the ghost never expected the silhouette behind his picture. Nothing like a good trick of light to add a little mystery to a picture!

13. Best friends! And their enemy...

These two ladies are photobombed by their friend, however the result looks more sinister than intended. As the ladies smile for the camera, the sinister glare from their friend may be intended as a funny face but the result is a bit worrisome. Luckily, the girls were not in any real danger.

14. Creepy dude

Photobombs can be great, while others can be annoying or even creepy. And it's not only humans who can get photobombed or be photobombed. While this cat seems to blend right into the blanket we can't help but notice that behind the cat is a creepy dude staring at the camera.

15. Crazy eyes

Everyone is all smiles and giving their best pose for the get-together picture, well everyone but the brunette girl in the white tank top, the culprit? Well, we can’t help but suspect the guy with the crazy eyes behind the frame of the picture!

16. Some water at night

Is the drain haunted? You never know what you could find inside the drain. Coming downstairs for some water in the middle of the night could mean a lot of things, but no one ever expects to find eyes staring back at them in the drain. A chilling and shocking illusion.

17. Hello guys!

A group of soldiers meets a celebrity. These soldiers have been training for months, their reward, a meet and greet with a celebrity. Also the first woman they have seen in months. They clearly appreciate their reward. Who knew a picture would mean so much!

18. Reflection: do ghosts exist?

This selfie appears fine at first but on closer look something feels wrong, that is because reflections should not look like that and should be showing her back. Is she being haunted by a ghost, or maybe the best photoshop artist ever!

19. Pin-up model Betty Brosmer

Betty Brosmer was a popular pin-up model in the 1950s. The American, who was born in 1935, had an extraordinarily narrow waist that gave her a special figure. These days, this appearance is usually photoshopped, but at that time, it was real.

20. Night shopping

Death by crows? Heading into the store at night usually isn't a big deal for most people, but what happens when you come face to face with a flock of crows. This hoard of crows stands in formation as they peer at the night sky, and block the entrance to the store. A terrifying image.

21. Abandoned ship

What happens when a CCTV catches the image of a mystery man with no eyes and an axe. Although we can blame the low pixels for the distorted view of the axe, the man’s identity still remains a mystery, who is he, why does he have an axe and how did he get on the abandoned ship?

22. Drive-by clown photo

At first glance we see three friends posing for a picture, all smiles at a local fast food joint, but then on closer look we spot the terrifying image of a clown glaring into the camera screen from the drive-through area. Talk about a disturbing memory to have forever.

23. Adventurer

People plan dangerous adventures for different reasons. Some people are scared of heights and would like to conquer their fear, while others love the thrill of adventure. This man finds a thrilling balance as he threads above the sea, hoping to maintain his focus. Would you do the same?

24. Humidity

Sometimes the scariest and most disturbing images aren't dangerous. Instead, they can be mold and disgusting to look at and imagine. For example, the humidity in this room reeks, and has been left to form dust, mold and asbestos. Talk about a gross image.

25. Twin sister

This image of a little girl dressed in white is adorable until you take a deeper look at her reflection in the water. Even more terrifying, she is at the grave of her dead twin sister. Is that the ghost of her twin?

26. Tree reclaiming land

Before there were buildings and roads, there were trees. This tree reclaims the land once more from this abandoned building. As its roots stretch across the roof of the building, a perfect place for ghosts and dangerous animals to rest. It could also mean buried treasure and a perfect adventure.

27. A ghostly restaurant indeed

When no one is around the ghosts will come out to play. This image of an unmistakable presence came to light when someone went through the CCTV of a restaurant in the early mornings before any of the workers had arrived to clean. Whose ghost could be haunting the building?

28. Who is inside?

Another ghost town? When tourists took a picture of an abandoned house in a popular ghost town they were shocked when they looked at the film of the photos. They were so shocked they quickly developed the stories, what they found, the image of a woman staring at them.

29. Creepy fan

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. That means even celebrities love a chance to sit in the front row. What happens when they try to take a photo to remember the day? A creepy photobomb. Some fans don't believe in privacy. I guess they’ll skip the selfie next time.

30. Ghost in an elevator

Some images are far more disturbing than you can imagine. This picture of friends playing while they wait for the elevator is troubling when you look deeper and notice the image of a ghost waiting in the elevator. However, this image also has a story, it was taken at a hospital in Bolivia.

31. Ghost in the window

This young man took a picture in front of an abandoned house on a dare from his friends, but never expected to find what he did in the photo. Days later, when going through the images he noticed a woman in the window. Scary to think what could have happened...

32. The ghost of Freddy Jackson

This photo shows a military regiment in the 1920s. However, the photo also features someone unexpected, Freddy Jackson. Freddy was a soldier who belonged to the regiment however, what was weird about the photo is that Freddie was dead. He died two days before the photo was taken.

33. A motion-triggered hunting camera

A motion-triggered hunting camera captured the image of this little girl running through the woods. At the other end of the frame is what looks like a man following her. However, the terrifying part of this story is that no one lived within a ten-mile radius of the woods and nothing was reported. 

34. The ghostly bridesmaid

This picture shows a bride, two bridesmaids, two flower girls and the groom. However, there is a spooky detail to the story. The bridesmaid in the photo passed away a few months before the wedding, however in this frame, she is clearly seen wearing her dress and holding flowers.

35. Handiwork

When a man took up a hobby of refurbishing old houses he never expected what would happen. He bought an old abandoned house and decided he would refurbish it and then sell it. After a week of work he had an idea, little did he know what would happen. All he wanted to do was show his wife his handiwork. Instead, he caught a ghost.

36. Unknown figure lurking

The adorable photo of a little girl playing with her grandmother is completely overshadowed by what appears to be a faded, ghost-like woman lurking in the background. The woman has long, dark hair and is looking directly at the grandmother seated on the couch. Neither the original poster nor their family could recognize the figure as someone familiar to them.

37. Jennifer Lopez weird selfie

After uploading a post-workout selfie to her Instagram page, it wasn’t long before fans spotted something terrifying in the background. Jennifer Lopez's photo reveals a mysterious masked man. Turns out the mystery was solved a few days later when Lopez appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Turns out he was simply a friend of the singer's ex-fiance, Alex Rodriguez.

38. Hold on

This photo was taken in Manila. When two friends go on a trip together, they take a photo on their last day. However, when they return to their rooms to look at the photo they notice the image of a man holding onto one of them. Neither of them recognized the person in the image, but it was clear that something didn’t want them to leave.

39. The Gettysburg ghost

Battlefields are a common haunting ground for spirits; this is understandable, as thousands of people typically lose their lives on every battlefield. However, some battlefields are more popular for ghosts than others. The Gettysburg Battlefield in Pennsylvania is considered one of the most haunted spots in the world. On this battlefield, which was a turning point in the American Civil War, over 7,000 soldiers lost their lives. Many of these soldiers apparently stuck around long after the battle ended.

40. The boy in the woods

The ghosts of children who appear in scary pictures are even more eerie and tragic than your average ghost photo. In this case, the sad face of a young boy seems to be staring out from the photo as if asking for help.

41. Ghost in the parking lot

This photo, submitted by Slapped Ham viewer Vakri Balderson, is just a cute dog acting silly in the front seat of a car, right? That’s what the dog’s owner thought when he decided to capture the moment on camera. Little did he know that the pictures of a ghost would show up on his camera.

42. The father of the US

Anyone who has lived in the United States has probably seen dozens of portraits of George Washington. However, it is unlikely that you have seen him pop up in scary pictures. That’s why this couple was so surprised when they started to see the face of the first US president appearing on their bedroom wall.

43. Restaurant selfie

Many of us enjoy taking photos when we have a night out on the town; however, they rarely turn out to be scary pictures. Ian Wrin and April Russ were certainly surprised by what they saw in the background of the selfie they took while dining at Tujague’s, one of the oldest restaurants in New Orleans.

44. Mirror ghost

When this woman took an innocent selfie in the mirror she couldn’t have known the chilling image that would develop. Behind the woman’s left shoulder is a demonic face with glowing eyes and a slight grin. The two skin tones don’t match and the look in the eye of the second figure is really off-putting.

45. Cemetery spirit

While walking through a graveyard late at night this family was hoping to photograph something spooky. The family claims there were only three people present in this picture when it was taken: the two ladies, one in the red vest, the other in the pink sweater, and the man in the white top. The grey walking figure is completely unaccounted for.

46. Toowoomba ghost man

In August 2015 a man by the name of Brock David submitted this picture to a ghost forum on Facebook. He said he had been hiking through rural bushland in Toowoomba, Australia when he felt like he was being watched. He took some photos by a small marsh known for suicides. He claimed he felt an ominous feeling and a sense of dread fall over him. After walking a few more meters he decided to turn back.

47. Newsham hospital ghost

Captured in October 2016 at the Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool England, it appears participants of this ghost walking tour got exactly what they came for when this chilling group photo was taken. The group was stunned when they saw the photograph. It clearly shows a pale figure that doesn’t match the skin tone of the rest of the group. The entity is small and frail-looking with black eyes and a grey complexion.

48. San Francisco earthquake

The San Francisco Earthquake of 1906 was another “natural” event that wrought devastating destruction to the lives and plans of the unsuspecting humans in its path. These Victorian homes on Howard Street near 17th Avenue were among the 28,000 homes destroyed in the disaster. It’s estimated that approximately 3,000 lives were lost in total.

49. These three photos

These three photos were taken within seconds of one another In the middle photograph, you can clearly see the figure of a man walking down the hallway. One second later, he’s gone. But where did he disappear? Or was it not a real man at all? A police investigation was conducted but nothing was ever found.

50. Rihanna, Katy Perry and someone else

Rihanna and Katy Perry have been best friends for many years. The two pop stars are often seen sitting together at award shows however this picture is different. At first glance, everything seems normal in this picture, but apparently, this photo caused outrage among people. Another face was seen under Katy's chair, at the bottom right of the photo.

51. In the woods

When two sisters sneak off for an adventure, they reach the middle of the forest and decide to take a photo. But when they looked at it afterward, they ran as fast as they could. In the photo, there was a small boy who had been lost in the woods. He had wanted to ask for their help but was a bit shy. At the end of the day, they brought the child back to his family, who were very grateful.

52. Do you see it behind her?

When Mckayla got home she decided to take a selfie in the bathroom. While going through the pictures she paused for a moment. Suddenly, she screamed and ran out of the apartment. In the picture was a man hiding. Luckily it turned out to be her sister's new boyfriend, the couple thought that they would have the house for themselves but didn't know that McKayla would be home so soon.

53. No expected

When a father rushes home to tell his daughter the good news, he takes a photo of her to record her expression when she hears it. As he scrolls through the images something catches his eyes, and he is shocked to find someone hidden in the photo. When he rushes back into the room he discovers them talking. Turns out the guy was his daughter's friend.

54. Look out!

Here is an image where the subject of the photo was not aware that she could have died. When her mom shouted that there was a snake behind her on the tree, she immediately ran as far away from the tree as possible. Thankfully, she reacted fast enough, before the snake was able to jump toward her and either choke her or inflict its venom on her.

55. Slenderman in real life?

Who says that strange things only lurk indoors? These teens caught an actual image of a slenderman while out in the park at night. What creeped these teens out was they had been the only ones in the park, Soon after the shot the figure was gone. They abruptly stood up, ran as if their lives depended on it, and never looked back.

56. In the woods

This photo also happened outside but the entity seemed more futuristic. This shot was captured by the woman's husband, Robin. They didn't see the creature until they took a closer look when they got home. It looked like a robot that came straight from the future. They knew that it shouldn't be that scary, as robots are basically harmless, but they found it weird because they never saw anything lurking before taking the photo.

57. Photobomb!

Speaking of lurking, someone is lurking behind this couple. Behind them is unmistakably a person. They were extremely shocked because they didn't feel a presence behind them. But it was all in good jest. Apparently, one of their best friends, Trent, decided to pull a prank on them and photobomb them during the last second of the shot. He didn't expect that they would get scared, though.

58. How many legs do you count?

In line with throwback photos, this photo dates back to 1962, and that's what makes it more terrifying. If you look closely behind the grandfather's leg, you will notice that there is an extra leg! But fear not. One of their friend's children had been running around and decided to join the photo, but he was too shy to show his face, so he hid behind the grandfather's leg.

59. Let's take a picture together

Chynna decided to go shopping with her friends, and they took loads of photos while looking around. Upon checking the photos, Chynna almost screamed because the guy who photobombed her looked exactly like her ex-boyfriend. There's only one problem: Her ex was dead. He had died in an accident two years ago.

60. What's in the water?

When a group of siblings heads out to the beach to have fun they never expect what happens next. After a day of playing and surfing the teens took a picture together. However, what they saw frightened them. Quickly they hurried home. Later they discovered it was a dead Lion's Mane Jelly, one of the largest jellyfish species. They were thankful that they didn't stay because though it was dead, it still gave them the hibbie jibbies.

61. Scary face

This scenic photo features floral furniture and the morning sun. It also features the creepy image of a woman. The shocking image went viral online and many became curious about it. Turns out the image was a scene from an Icelandic indie film. The shooting was wrapped up, and nobody outside of production knew that it existed.

62. Not a movie scene

At the site of a vehicle accident where 52 undergraduates were injured as the bus plunged into a river. Many felt unsettled by the image and event and soon pictures of this photo began to circulate. In it, there is a strange creature seemingly happy about the accident. The news spread about this occurrence, and people avoided the place for months.

63. What's that creature?

At a glance, this image is an adorable moment between two siblings playing on a spring night. But if you look closely in the backyard there is a sinister image. Unknown to the young children lurking behind them is a strange creature. But apparently, this was the friendly neighborhood dog. No wonder the children didn't feel threatened. Not long after, they called the dog and petted him, and the dog yapped in delight.

64. Look between his legs

This next image looks more disturbing than it actually is. In between, one of the men's legs is the face of a stranger. What made the man feel uneasy after looking at the photo was the fact that the stranger looked uneasy and he had never seen them in his life. When he told his friends they laughed and explained that it was a prank. One of their friends wore a mask to scare him.

65. Nature is a force to be reckoned with

When a young family makes a vacation trip to a resort in texas they are excited for what is to come. Unfortunately, they would get more than they bargained for when they take their first snapshot of the holiday. The lifeguards had some bad news, there was a tornado. Quickly the family packed up in a panic and began their trip back home. All throughout their journey home, they prayed that the tornado wouldn't catch up to them.

66. The oldest person ever recorded

This is 94-year-old Hannah Stilley. The spirited lady was born in 1746 and can be seen here in a photo from 1840. This makes Hannah the first and only person to be photographed from that time. Also, there is no one born before her who has also been recorded in a photo.

67. The seal of Tutankhamun

In 1922 in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings, the tomb of Tutanchamonn was found by the British archaeologist Howard Carter. He discovered a seal on the tomb doors. It was clear that grave robbers had never found the tomb. The seal had been untouched for 3,245 years! Inscribed on the door were warnings.

68. The escape plane

The Colditz Castle has been in the German city of Colditz since the 11th (!) century. The castle has been used for many purposes in recent centuries, including as a prison. During the Second World War, prominent allied prisoners of war were imprisoned here. At the time, this little plane was built in the attic of the castle, intended as a means of escape. It was made with pieces of beds, floor panels, sheets, and electrical wire.

69. Charlie Chaplin at a political demonstration

Actor, director, composer, and comedian Charlie Chaplin did not die until 1977 however he is still very famous till date. In the picture above he appeared at a political demonstration during the First World War in 1918, Charlie stood in front of a huge crowd during a political demonstration. In the photo below, he was on the shoulders of Douglas Fairbanks in the New York business district of Wall Street.

70. An exotic beauty

This portrait was taken in the year 1875. The beautiful woman in the photo was Mestiza Sangley-Filipin and was of Chinese-Filipino descent. She came from a wealthy family and was photographed by Dutch photographer Francisco van Camp. Despite the fact that the photo was taken over 140 years ago, it looks like it could have been made yesterday.

71. The first "Bond girl"

The picture of the beautiful woman above is of Linda Christian, the unofficial first-ever Bond girl. Although Swiss actress Ursula Andress is considered the official first "Bond girl," Linda was even earlier. In 1954, Linda played the role of Valerie Mathis in a TV version of "Casino Royale," the first James Bond book that Ian Fleming wrote.

72. Behind the scenes of "The Shining"

In 1980, Stanley Kubrick released one of the most terrifying films ever made: "The Shining." It was one of the best roles of Jack Nicholson, who has been in dozens of other films. This movie was about a family who left for the winter to live at the isolated Overlook Hotel, where demons roamed. These creepy-looking twins appear in one of the scenes...

73. A soldier with photos of his wife

An American soldier missed his wife terribly during the Vietnam War. That was why he decided to always carry her with him. On his helmet, he fastened a band that had pictures of her. In this way, she was always with him. The photo was taken in 1968, when the war was at its peak.