Two Sets Of Married Identical Twins Reveal The Strangest Future Plans Shocked Everyone

One of the most precious things in life is being one of a kind. But you know who would disagree to that? Twins! Yes, it is a strange sight to see two people looking the exact same way in every aspect. You cannot deny the fact that identical twins always seem to turn head wherever they go. Some say they share such a strong bond that if one gets sick, so does the other. In this case, the bond goes beyond just siblings. A pair of twins got married! And to make things even more unbelievable, they end up doing something truly worth reading…

1. A Twin Marriage

So as we have mentioned, identical twins always share an unbreakable bond. So when this pair of identical twins met each other, it was like a movie script. They fell for each other and soon became inseparable. So after dating for while identical twin sisters Brittany and Briana Deane tied the knot with identical twin brothers Josh and Jeremy Salyers, respectively.

2. A Unique Wedding

To say that their wedding was like any ordinary one would be a total lie. This was certainly not your average wedding. However, there was something unusual that took place keeping aside two sets of twins marrying each other. So what could it be? It was the announcement of their future plans that really made people talking. So what could this attractive foursome be announcing?

3. Many Things In Common

There was something about the Deane twins and the Salyers twins that were really special that they all were unaware about. It turned out, they already had a lot of things in common back before they even met each other. Both of their folks have a very funny name that they gave to their respective kid. It all began with the exact same letter of the alphabet it started in.

4. 2+2 Makes 4

So even before getting to know each other, each of their parents already has something in common set for them which is indeed rare. However, putting the names behind and jokes aside, no one could have predicted their future, There was nobody that could have fathomed that one day these two twosomes would actually add on to become an incredible foursome.

5. Meeting Place

So even the way they met was quite a story to tell. The duo couple met at a very unique event. An event that you could say was meant, just for them. The quartet actually met with each other at the Twin Days Festival back in the year 2017. This was an annual event, that would be held in the city of Twinsburg, Ohio. This is also reportedly the world’s biggest convention made for twins and others born in multiples.

6. The Perfectly Unusual Event

Who would have imagined that not just one counterpart but both of these twins would hit it off smoothly? They just attended the event to have fun without the intention of falling in love with anyone. You can even say that this festival was actually the perfect place to meet someone suitable for you if you were born as twins or more. If you like twins, this was definitely the place to be…

7. Since Childhood

As little girls, the twins would always dream of finding their knight in shining armor, their prince charming. They had always dreamt of having another twin that would fit with them perfectly. So the twin sisters Brittany and Briana in a way got to have a taste of their happily-ever-afters like they had always wished for. Another set of identical twins were waiting for them all along…

8. A Dream Come True

Talking about just how lucky and happy they are to have met the men of their dreams, this is what the twins told interviewers. “It’s really been a fairytale come true,” Briana revealed when asked about how they felt abut falling in love with another set of twins. This was for an interview back in August 4, 2018. “Marrying twins is something that’s very important to us,” she added.

9. Recollection

Like most girls, the twins had always dreamed of getting swept off of their feet, to fall for someone who makes them happy and complete. However, for them, it was always a mutual thought and never an individual dream. Briana told interviewers and spoke about the fact that from a young age she and her twin had envisioned a future of this kind to hopefully to them.

10. Ever Since Kindergarten

They were not shying away from the fact that they got exactly what they wanted. The happiness was clear in their eyes that this was no doubt what the twins had been dreaming about ever since they were just toddlers. To prove this Briana confessed, “Even when we were little girls I can remember being in kindergarten, knowing that this is what we saw for ourselves.”

11. As A Pair

Like they say, to be a twin, is like having two versions of you. So just imagine the kind of connection you would share with the other twin? Only twins will ever get to enjoy such a blessing. Also, ever since they were little, Briana and Brittany had always been interested in keeping and exploring their twinness as much as they could. They loved being together and doing all the things as a pair.

12. Two In One

Growing up together, Briana and Brittany had done many ‘twinny’ things. Things that only twins would be able to do. They have donned on similar clothing and the two have even been on double dates as well. Just imagine going on a double date with identical twins? It would be so easy to get confused for their poor dates! Basically, you could say the twins were one person split into two.

13. Josh And Jeremy

To make matters even weirder, even the male twins Josh and Jeremy were not so different from the girls. If you ask the sisters about the two boys, they will tell you that they had promised to tie the knot with then based solely on one condition. They would only do it if they found their opposite-sex counterparts as in identical twin girls that were perfect for them. Such a unique condition, right?

14. Their Life Goal

Josh and Jeremy were so set on finding twins for themselves that it was actually a life goal for them. And it was even more serious than you could have ever imagined. It actually dictated their love life and the way they set their future too. “If they couldn’t find identical twin girls that matched up well with them, they were never getting married,” Brittany revealed.

15. Dating Different

So from all that we have gathered, it would seem as though dating would be quite the challenge for both sets of twins. It would have been a little trickier for them because of their preferences. So indeed the two sets had some issues finding love with non-twins as mentioned by Brittany. “I think that they experienced a lot of the same challenges dating what we call singletons, that means non-twins,” she explained.

16. A Blessing And Curse

Like we have mentioned, twins always have an unexplainable link with each other that some could even claim as magical. It is something that the rest of us would have to keep wondering as it might never happen to us. But this bond comes with a drawback as explained by Brittany. “It’s hard when you’re dating someone and they don’t understand the twin bond,” she said, when talking about this.

17. Unexplainable Bond

Each of us love our sibling and we share a close bond with one another. We love them unconditionally but it appears that the bond shared between twins is something else, something way deeper. Even though it may not be fair, there are some things that people who share a womb have that we will never get. So even though Brittany has pure intentions, her words clearly reveal that twins undoubetdly share a stronger bond.

18. Someone Special

They are indeed lucky to have each other to go through things in life as a duo. They can share their heartbreaks and celebrations together. While we must have a sibling and close friends, we cannot compare what we have built with something that twins share since conception! So it must be crucial to have somebody with whom you can connect with about everything.

19. At The Event

So what happened at the event then? Well, both the sets of twins noticed each other. As soon as they laid eyes on one another at the Twin Days Festival in 2017, there was an instant spark between them. It was something unexpected as the twins did not expect to find the love of their lives there at the event. Brittany and Briana were frequent attendees at the event too…

20. Almost Giving Up

However, for the guys, it was a new experience. Josh and Jeremy had not been to the event and were actually newbies. Also, the boys almost headed back home after unsuccessfully finding any good matches for them. Since they did not meet girls they wished to marry and see a future with, they almost gave up on the event. And on the last day of this event, the four of them finally met by chance.

21. First Encounter

After looking for years to find the men they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with, just imagine how happy the twins must have been when they finally met the boys. According to Briana, the time that they met with the guys was something her mind will never ever forget. “I remember vividly the first time Brittany and I saw Josh and Jeremy at the twins festival,” she recalled.

22. Like A Movie Scene

Ever seen those romantic movies where the boy and girl meet for the first time and sparks fly and everything goes into slow motion? Well, this is what Briana referred to when she spoke about meeting with her future husband for the first time. “I also remember the first time we all spoke the last night of the festival. It’s sort of like everything was in slow motion,” she explained excitedly.

23. The Special Day

After dating for while, both couples entered a new chapter of their lives when August 2018 came. The four of them were ready to take on a new milestone in their lives. So with their close ones and siblings joining them, the pair or pairs finally decided it was time to make it official. On both their sides, everyone joined in the celebration. It was already clear that this wedding was going to be like no other…

24. Twice Upon A Time

In the proceedings, the couples even organized a theme. It was truly a wedding that would stand out from all the rest putting aside them being four people. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that this doubling up was going to be something truly special and rare. Ever since they were a little girl, Briana and Brittany has always wished for a fairytale wedding and now “Twice Upon a Time” came true…

25. Wedding Plans

The foursome managed to pull off a spectacular wedding where everything went according to plan. It was fortunate for them that there were no bridezillas present at the wedding. Everyone there was happy and joined together to celebrate the union of  wait, four people! The big event did not have any big arguments nor was there any disagreement regarding the plans made.

26. No Bridezillas

“A lot of the wedding planning was extremely fun and even peaceful for Brittany and I to do together because we have the same taste,” Briana confessed to interviewers, speaking about their pre-wedding activities. “We had the same vision of what our double wedding day would look like.” The twins were indeed like one person as they went in harmony with each decision that was needed to be made.

27. Picking The Location

So when serious decisions had to be made about their wedding ceremony, everyone seemed to get along and find agreement in whatever had to be done. They all wanted a beautiful joint ceremony in a place that was so special to each one of them. So where could that be? well, a particular city in Ohio where they all met each other a year ago of course. This venue however came with a few issues.

28. The Big Challenge

The wedding plans seemed to go smoothly and everyone was happy with what they planned on. But like every wedding, there is bound to be some obstacle that needs to be worked around. So for this special wedding, what might that be then? “I would say the hardest part is planning everything across state lines because none of us live in Twinsburg,” Briana explained.

29. Another Big Surprise

On their wedding day on August 4, 2018, the Salyers were now adding two more additions into their family. After the wedding both Brittany and Briana into the family, the family’s number had increased by two using just one wedding. Where else have you ever seen this type of ceremony in the world? So what now for the happy couples?  Well, this is where they did something truly shocking to everybody…

30. Twin Ministers?

This couple made of two set of twins had another plan that was totally out of the ordinary. In order to keep the perfect symmetry that they have maintained so far, the pairs exchanged their wedding vows and were married by two ministers who were also identical twins! You can bet that anyone who ever came across their wedding pictures not knowing the whole story would be left speechless for sure.

31. All Smiles

The wedding was a success and everyone was happy to join in the celebration of love shared by not just two people but four people! There was love in the air and the four of them were visibly so happy that it made all of the attendees smile with joy for them too. So photographs from their wedding day truly showed the happy couples smiling straight at the camera.

32. Identical Themed

So what else was identical in this magically identical wedding extravaganza? Well, the couple still followed the identical pair theme even with their wardrobe. The girls both put on the exact same bridal gowns and veils and even the grooms wore the same thing too. Even the boys wore the same suit with a blue tie. If you see the wedding pictures, you would think it was purposefully mirrored…

33. Media Attention

Since this pairing was such an unusually wonderful event, it was clear that there would be a lot of attention given to it by people from outside of the family too. The wedding ceremony was certainly a gorgeous success but one thing that made it more special would have to be the media’s cameras. This wedding was actually documented and would be released on 2019 on TLC channel.

34. Detailed Documentation

To see a couple who is so in love getting married is special. But these twins take this to a whole other level by getting married together, using identical ministers, wearing the same gown and suits too. So, to see that the media took interest in this union was no surprise at all. The show will reportedly unveil the to the audiences a detailed look into the  couples’ relationships and their matrimonial journey.

35. Strange Plans

This is not the only thing that the newlyweds have in store for their future. They actually have so much to look forward to ahead of the future. You will surely be a little confused as to why they have made such an strange plan for their future. The four of them are close-knit and it is obvious. However, no one expected this plan to come up even from them. They plan on living in one house together.

36. Sharing Kids

Their plans of the future is truly something unconventional. Have you ever seen two married couples living in one home together, not to mention them being identical twins? And to add to this unusual plan, they have talked about how they want to raise their kids too. So what has this foursome decided to do with kids? 

37. All Genetic Siblings

Raising each other’s kids is common. But to actually live together as one big family under one roof is truly something that does not happen every day. “When we have children, my and Josh’s children will be genetic siblings to Briana and Jeremy’s children,” Brittany revealed, talking about how they wish to share responsibilities for every kid that either couple has.

38. In Brittany’s Words

The couples do not see this weird ideology of their. Maybe it is the twin in them or something but to them, it makes perfect sense to raise their kids, with each of them co-parenting. “Even though they’re cousins, they’re technically genetic siblings. We imagine it will be like two moms and two dads all raising our families together,” Brittany suggests when the topic of raising kids came up.

39. Perfect Sense To Them

Even though this plan of their might go against everyone else’s beliefs, the foursome is confident that it would work for them. After all, the Salyers have something we all do not have which is the ‘twin bond’. They are happy together and are all planning to continue thriving in this wedding bliss and plan their future together as couples. 

40. Twinning Tradition

Even though their plan sounds like a disaster to some people, since the twins have been around each other for all their lives, it is not something that anyone can just criticize. Who knows? Maybe the household would for sure have a lot of fun as they say, the more the merrier. There are also some folks who believe that their children will produce another set of twins to go on with this tradition of theirs.