Wearing "Paper Clothes", The Little Girl Imitates Many Red Carpet Actresses


Many people envy the glamorous celebrities on the red carpet because they always wear gorgeous, novel and fashionable clothes. Do you want to have a dress like that? Turn into a gorgeous "Princess"?

It sounds like a Cinderella story, but life is not a fairy tale. Most of us can't afford thousands of dollars worth of Haute Couture from the fashion world.

However, if you are a little creative, maybe this goal is not so far away.

Aliya and Stephanie, the mother and daughter, have been capturing a large number of fans with the interesting idea of "Drag Queen" on the Internet.

It only takes a little time for talented Turkish mother Aliya to dress up her happy daughter Stephanie as a top celebrity.

The materials she uses are cheap and common, usually paper or plastic.

Recently, they have released their latest works.

It is still full of creativity. Although it looks like imitation, the actual effect is very good.