Old Woman (92) Is Denied Acces To Grocery Store - Then Manager Discovers Who She Really Is


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When the 92 years old Julia was banned from her favorite grocery store, she was devastated. But she was not going to just accept it. That manager had no idea who she really was and what she could do. And she had no problem showing him that. So when Julia returned a couple days later, she came prepared...

The store’s manager was going to realize that he had made a very big mistake...

Banning Julia


The grocery store’s general manager Augustine never expected to see Julia again. He had not wanted to do it but felt like he had no other choice. And now that it was done, he just wanted to forget about it. But he would not be able to do that for long...

The return

Julia unexpectedly returned a couple days later. And she was not alone. When Augustine initially wanted to stop her from entering, he quickly realized that that was not going to be possible. What was this old woman planning on doing?

Her true identity

Only when Julia revealed to Augustine who she really was did he realize the true error in his ways. He should have never ever banned Julia from the store…

But what is Julia’s real identity? Why did Augustine make such a mistake by banning her from the store and why would he do that in the first place?

Her Happy Place

Julia didn’t have a whole lot of time to herself, but when she did, she spent it at the grocery store. Perusing the aisles and finding a new goody to take home with her even if she didn't need it relaxed her. It also gave her an opportunity to walk around and stretch her legs someplace else other than her property.

Nobody Knows Me Here

As far as Julia knew, she was invisible during every trip as far as everyone in the store was concerned. She would soon find out that this assumption could not have been further from the truth. Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched quite intently by the store’s floor manager.

Why is She Here?

The floor manager just couldn’t shake the thought that there was something up with Julia. He knew she could just be another one of those annoying customers that frequent a business and act like they own the place, but there was something off about the way she spent hours eyeing the shelves, buying next to nothing almost every time.

Get Out of My Store!

No matter how much he kept an eye on her, he could not find a legitimate enough reason to give her the boot. She wasn’t loud or particularly disruptive, so he couldn’t justify it to the general manager. All he knew was this woman kinda gave him the creeps, and he was tired of seeing her saunter around the store, poised aggravatingly in the middle of aisles to ponder canned goods and grains.

Planning Something Big

Now, this wasn’t exactly the most legal option per se, but the floor manager was getting desperate and needed to figure out a way to get Julia out of his store for good. His manager would never consider banning anyone unless it was for something big like… shoplifting. Of course, he knew this woman would never do it. He would just have to take matters into his own hands.

Little Does She Know...

The floor manager made decided he would pull this stunt on the next day that she came in. He waited a few days but she hadn’t popped up. But on the last day, when he was starting to believe he may have just manifested her disappearance, she entered the sliding doors in the early afternoon. It was time.

Putting His Game Face On

Watching Julia commit to her usual inspection of the pantry items, he walked up to her and put his best and brightest customer service smile on. “Hi there, can I help you find something?” he chirped. It took a minute for Julia to realize he was talking to her, but once she did, she turned to face him, unmoved by his offer.

Making a Move

Julia looked at him for just a moment before beginning to travel slowly up the aisle, waving him off. “No, thank you,” she murmured, continuing her usual journey forward to the next aisle. He crept up behind her and slyly slip a small but quite expensive bottle of alcohol into her large tote bag. As he passed her, he said, “Okay, well, I’ll be here if anything comes to mind!” He couldn’t wait for her to try to leave.

Faking an Emergency

After she made her rounds, the floor manager flitted to his boss, excited for what was to come. Pulling him to the side quite dramatically, he mentioned he had seen “an old woman smuggle a bottle into her purse” all while feigning a deep concern. He even had the nerve to accuse her of being crazy!

Checking Things Out

Augustine, the floor manager’s supervisor, narrowed his eyes at the tall tale. The floor manager was always complaining about customers, but nonetheless, it was his job to check whether these claims were true. He made his way up to the register as Julia was purchasing her snack of the day.

Ma'am, Can We Talk?

As Julia headed for the exit, Augustine stopped her, asking her very politely if she had gotten everything she needed today. She looked a little perplexed by the conversation and assured Augustine her shopping experience was fine. He inquired about her trip further, asking if she might have grabbed something that wasn’t hers. He could see Julia beginning to get a little aggravated, so he knew it was time to cut to the chase.

Open Up the Bag!

“Ma’am,” Augustine began gently. “Do you mind if I take a look through your bags? It will only take a moment.” Julia scoffed, fully agitated. “Now, why would that be necessary? I only bought one item! And I have my receipt!” She waved the receipt in front of him with one wrinkled hand. Augustine sighed. “Well, to be honest, we got a tip that you make have put something you didn’t pay for in your bag there. I’m going to have to look through it now.“

Um, Excuse Me?

Julia was offended by the accusation. She was a regular customer! Why would she ever try to steal from a store she frequented? However, she didn’t fight against the inspection. In fact, after a beat, she encouraged it, confident that she had nothing to hide. But it didn’t take long for Augustine to reveal the liquor bottle for the depths of her bag. Her mouth fell agape.

This Is Impossible

“W-w-what? No, that can’t be. I didn’t even pass by the alcohol! This much be some kind of mistake. I don’t even drink!” she exclaimed, but Augustine would not budge. He said that they had a zero-tolerance policy for stealing, and he could not make an exception for her. She was, from this day forward, banned from the store.

Doing What You Must

Julia was appalled. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing! A few feet away, the floor manager was giddy. Finally, he was free of this woman who haunted his store like a ghost! Augustine wasn’t as happy, though. It broke his heart to see how upset Julia was, and he wished he could’ve made any other decision than banning her. But it just wasn’t possible.

Say It Ain't So

Julia pleaded with Augustine, expressing that this was one of her favorite stores! She walked here almost every day, it was so close to her home; it was one of the most important parts of her usual routine. Augustine refused to change his mind. Julia was heartbroken. How could something like this be happening to her?

Not the Giving Up Type

She sulked toward the exit, feeling defeated. This was the last thing she expected to be dealing with today. Just as she was about to step out of the store for what could have been her very last time, something hit her. She had done nothing wrong! And she wasn’t about to go down without a fight. She turned to face Augustine, her usually kind eyes ablaze.

You'll Be Sorry

“Oh, this is not over. I will be back! But trust me, you will not like it when I am,” she growled, but Augustine didn’t believe that her threat was viable for one minute. She was an old woman! She would give up as soon as she got home. Julia trekked down the street to her house, vengeance on her mind. She was not about to let them get away with just shoving her out like that.

Feeling Doubtful

Back at the store, the day dragged on, all the excitement leaving with Julia. There was a minimal amount of customers all day, and the lack of work had made Augustine’s mind drift to Julia more than it should have. Did he do the right thing? She looked so sure that she hadn’t stolen anything – was it possible she was telling the truth?

Asking for Reassurance

He mentioned his doubtful feelings to the floor manager, but he didn’t get the reaction he wanted out of him. In fact, the floor manager had seemed overjoyed that Julia would not be returning to the store ever again. It was a strange reaction, but Augustine tried not to dwell on it too much. Maybe he was reading too far into things because of his own guilt.

It Came out of Nowhere

No one could have ever expected Julia to stand up for herself the way she did, especially because of how old and frail she appeared to be. There was no way this lady was a day under 85, but she had the spunk of a woman half her age. Augustine and the floor manager would soon come to regret that they took any part in separating Julia from her beloved store.

Quiet Days

The next couple of days were relatively uneventful at the store. Julia had not shown her face again which was a big relief for Augustine. He did not want to get into that confrontation again. He hated having to argue with his customers. He always liked to see the good in people.

Different Kind Of Person

The floor manager seemed to have loved the confrontation and essentially went on a bit of a power trip. He wanted everybody who bought too little and spent too much time to be banned from the store! The floor manager was a very different person from Augustine and was very sneaky.

Everyone Out!

There were a good amount of people at the store by a lot of alley people on a daily basis. Most of them didn’t come in every day, but most of them did enjoy just calmly browsing the store. The floor manager wanted them all gone. He was a terrible man...

Making Plans

The floor manager wanted to arrange as soon as possible that all the people who were slow and were buying almost nothing would no longer be welcome in the store. He knew that convincing Augustine to ban more people would be difficult. He started coming up with a variety of plans to achieve his goals, but then something unexpected happened.

Police Showed Up

Early this morning, 5 days after Julia was banned from the store, a squad of police officers showed up before the store was even set to open. Augustine had just arrived and was scared shitless when he opened the door. What were these policemen doing at the store, was there a robbery going on?

Julia Sent Them

Without saying much the officers quickly entered the store and the apparent squad leader showed him his badge. He also told Augustine that “Julia sent them” before they made him take them upstairs. Fortunately, it had nothing to do with a robbery. But Augustine was surprised that Julia had sent the agents.

Quickly Gone

Augustine watched on in awe as the officers did their thing before leaving again, giving the manager little to no information about what they were doing and what they found. The manager also didn't quite understand what the agents had actually been coming to do. They were gone again very quickly after looking at a few things.

Shocked By The Police

They were out again just 15 minutes later just before other members of staff started arriving at the store. Some did still see them leave so Augustine had to explain what happened. The staff members were very shocked by the police officers. They thought something bad was going on in the store.

Questions For Augustine

The staff members had a lot of questions for Augustine. But all that he really knew was that they had apparently come because “Julia sent them” and that when they left they told him that they would be back. He had not even seen what they were doing on his computer.

Not Leaving His Office

The rest of the day Agustine spent trying to discover what had happened that morning and why it was. He did not leave his office and then the floor manager came by to nervously ask for further explanation. Augustine was definitely not happy about this situation, the store never had problems with the police.

A New Approach

When he could not trace back what the police had checked that morning, he decided to switch his approach. How could an old woman like Julia mobilize a full squad of police officers to get a search warrant to check his store? Normally the police would call for an appointment, right?

Was Julia Special?

No police station should ever care enough about an old woman being banned from a grocery store for whatever reason. Let alone alleged shoplifting. Did theory not have more pressing matters to attend to? There had to be something special about Julia; did she perhaps know some people in the police department?

Possible Reasons

There had to be something going on with Julia that had made this possible. Augustine was sure the police wouldn't just spring into action for an old woman who had been given a store ban. He tried to go off all the possible reasons. He didn't understand any of it...

Finding Information

Augustine spent the entire afternoon trying to google her and find any information but he came up with nothing. He went home disappointed and still very confused. He spent the whole evening thinking about the situation with Julia and the police. But tomorrow would bring him all the answers he needed.

A Special Guest

Just like the morning before, the same squad of police officers had shown up at the store at almost the exact same time. Augustine was less surprised this time that they came by. He had already taken this situation into account. But, this time there were not four of them. They had brought along a special guest. Augustine recognized her right away...

They Brought Julia

This time Julia was with them, smirking like she knew exactly what was going to happen next. Why was she allowed to go with the police officers? Augustine thought this was strange. Police officers never take just anyone with them on this kind of visits like the one that took place today. The squad leader asked if they could speak to Augustine in his office.

Calling The Floor Manager

Augustine hoped that he would get an immediate explanation, but the officers said that they needed to wait for one more person to arrive. The floor manager. Augustine didn't understand why the agents couldn't tell him anything without the floor manager being there. However, he had no choice but to call him.

The Door Flew Open

Augustine called him immediately. He asked the floor manager to come to the office as soon as possible. He told him that the agents were there again and that they didn't want to tell anything without the floor manager being there. 10 minutes later, the door flew open.

Red As A Cherry

When the floor manager saw all the police waiting for him, he went red as a cherry and he could barely get a word out. But luckily he did not have to, as the squad leader was planning on doing all the talking. The floor manager began to get tremendously nervous.

Julia's Grandson

The police officer started explaining that they were here as he was Julia’s grandson. This explained why Julia was allowed to be on this visit! She had been extremely upset by the situation and swore she did not steal anything and did not put the liquor in her bag.

The Security Footage

He had called in a couple favors with the station to be allowed to check the security footage of that day at the store and that is what they had come in for that previous morning. He wanted to see exactly what had happened. After all, as a grandson, he believed what Julia told him.


They were quickly able to find footage showing that the floor manager actually put the bottle in Julia’s carry-on bag and downloaded this footage as evidence. They went back to the station and had now already prepared a slander case. They allowed Julia to come along if she wanted to, so she did.


They were going to enforce it unless Julia would be allowed back into the store from that day on and the store manager was fired. And Augustine was happy to oblige with that. He hated to hear that his floor manager, whom he trusted, had done such a thing.


He was extremely disappointed in his employee and fired him on the spot. The floor manager could not even say a bad word against it. He realized the error of his way very much and knew that he stepped very far over the line. He should never have done this.

Julia Was Welcome Again

From that day on Julia was allowed back in the store again and could take as long as she wanted. She carried no ill will against Augustine as he was just doing his job. Things have been very much back to normal now at the store, only with a new floor manager. And Julia gout along with him just fine.