Woman Looks For Shoe But Finds Best Friend Hiding Under Her Bed


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Nicole was sweating, and a bit nervous, but most of all she was excited for tonight. She was so excited that she forgot to put her new shoes on. She groaned, how had she picked up the wrong pair? They were a gift from her boyfriend and she had been waiting all week to show them to her friends. Deciding there was no other choice, she turned back the car and headed home to get her new shoes 

“Where did I put them?” she said to herself before taking a look under the bed. Nicole got the shock of her life and couldn't believe her eyes... “Angela?!”

Stunned to silence


Nicole is sitting on her knees with her mouth wide open. She is staring into the eyes of her best friend, who she just discovered under her bed. Both seem so completely stunned into silence that they can’t even speak. All she can think is: What is Angela doing here?

Out from under the bed

Angela gets out from under the bed and hands Nicole the shoe she was looking for. Turning completely red and stuttering, Angela manages to say, “I think this is what you were looking for”. Regaining her composure a little, Nicole asks her friend what in god's name she is doing here?

“I can explain…”

A million different scenarios start racing through Nicole’s head, and the longer Angela stays silent, the worse they get. “Nicole, please, I can explain…”. But Nicole thinks she already has a pretty good idea...

So what exactly was going on? Why laid Angela under Nicole's bed? And why didn't her boyfriend find her?

The perfect couple?

In the first few years of the relationship, it seemed as though Steve was working hard not to take him and Nicole to the next level. Like something was holding him back. But a few years ago this suddenly changed and now they were living together and even planning to start a family soon. So what happened?

A Big Move

Although Nicole and Steve had only met each other five years before, they had grown up in the same city and both worked there until a great job opportunity had come up for Steve. An opportunity that required them to move to another city. This was also the moment that he became more serious about the relationship...

Staying In Touch Is Difficult

The relocation had proven very tough for Nicole. While Steve was able to maintain contact with a lot of his friends who were mobile, Nicole was struggling to do the same. She was making extra hours at work and Nicole was finding it hard to take the time to see her friends. Especially her best friend, Angela...

A best friend?

Angela Smith and Nicole had been best friends since they had both met and attended the university in their city. The two ladies had been the closest of friends as they shared a lot in common. Angela, who had not seen or heard from her friend in weeks, began to worry that their friendship had reached its end...

The Contact Had Dwindled

Since Nicole and her boyfriend Steve had moved away a few months ago, Angela had not heard from either of them. Angela frowned, now that she thought about it the last time she had seen Nicole was at their moving party. She was debating whether or not to reach out when she got a text... 

Text From Steve

Angela couldn't believe her eyes, the text was from Steve. What did Nicole's boyfriend need from her? She had only talked to him a few times, and she only really considered him a friend because he was dating Nicole. Plus, he had never texted her before. Angela grimaced, had something happened to Nicole?

Why Was He Doing This?

Luckily, nothing had happened to Nicole. Steve had just been checking on Angela since she had not been around Nicole lately. He told her he just wanted to see how she was doing. But Angela quickly started to suspect that something else might be motivating Steve...

Wanting To Meet Up 

When Steve told Anglea his intention, she was caught off guard at first. But the more she thought about it, the more she started to warm to the idea. But they would have to find a moment to meet when Nicole wasn't present. She wondered what the best way to go about this was.

Getting Nicole away

Nicole spent most of her time working from home and Steve himself was often at work on location. Meeting there was not an option. Even if Nicole went away unexpectedly, it was way too far for Angela to just swing by. Then Angela got an idea. She would have to engineer Nicola not being present...

A Dinner Party 

Angela planned on having their friend group invite Nicole over for dinner. She knew Nicole had been struggling to keep in touch with not just her, but with all their friends and knew that she missed them. She would feel way too guilty to turn down an invitation. But would it work?

Texting The Friends

Once she shared her idea with Steve the two agreed it was a solid plan and decided to set things in motion. Angela texted their group chat the idea and mentioned how it would be great to see everyone together after a long time. The girls were excited and eager to plan the dinner.

The Planning Begins

Soon the girls were planning the dinner party and gushing over their excitement at finally being able to catch up with Nicole and each other. Angela, on the other hand, had no intention of going, she’d made plans to call in sick that evening and “miss” out on the gathering. 

Nicole Gets The Text

Nicole was exhausted, she had been so caught up in work that she hadn’t had much of a social life in the past few months. She often watched as Steve headed out to chill with his friends while she stayed home on some longer meetings. Then a text from her friend group popped up on her phone...

A Dinner Party!

It was an invitation to attend a dinner party her friends were hosting for her. Nicole was so excited, she texted her best friend Angela to thank her for planning the dinner. Although Nicole felt a little guilty for not speaking to her friend it made her happy to know Angela still cared for her...

Nicole is excited

The dinner was set for a weekend two weeks from the date. Nicole was pumped and excited to see her friends, the months that had gone by without them had been difficult and she couldn't wait to share some of her worries with them. Sadly, she had no idea what was truly going on...

Staying with Angela? 

Nicole is also considering maybe spending the night in the city so she can stay a little longer at the dinner. This however is something that she is not comfortable with and the only place she can think of doing this is at her best friend Angela's house...

Not possible

To Nicole's surprise, Angela tells her that this is not possible. Apparently, she already has her brother staying over that evening and thinks that 3 people would be a bit much in her tiny house. Nicole finds this a very weird reason not to let her come over.

A bad excuse 

Why does it matter if the house is a bit cramped for just one night? And since when is Angela in good contact with her brother again? Not sure what to think about all this, Nicole decides to just leave it. It doesn't really matter if she has to go home after dinner anyway.

A New Outfit

Nicole was still so excited for her dinner that she bought a new dress for the occasion. Seeing how happy she was, Steve got her a new pair of very nice heels to wear. They looked great with the dress. Finally, the day arrived and Nicole sped out of the house eager to make the 1.5-hour drive to their hometown.

Angela Was Waiting

At that very moment, just a few blocks away from Steve and Nicole’s house, Angela was hiding in her car. She had texted their friend group last night to apologize for being too sick to make it. And now, she was a few seconds away from her plan succeeding!

Nicole's request

Angela was thinking back to the text conversation she had with Nicola a couple days ago and felt so stupid. Her brother? She had not seen him in forever, and Nicole knew that! She was just happy that Nicole didn't ask any more questions about it and seemed to believe it...

The Meetup

A few seconds later, Nicole drove away from the house and Steve sent Angela the signal to come into the house. Getting out of the car she crossed the street and the two hugged in the doorway. It had been a while. They couldn't believe their wild plan had actually worked and were excited to get started...

A Big Suitcase

Angela has brought a big suitcase with her. Steve is somewhat surprised to see it. He knew Angela would bring some stuff with her, but seemed like a bit overkill. But Angela claims is going to need it if everything will work out as she had planned. She can barely contain her excitement…

No Time To Waste 

After a bit of catching up together, the pair realizes that there is no time to lose and spring into action. They only have a short evening together before Nicole gets back. Steve clean’s some final things up downstairs while Angela already makes her way upstairs

Into The Bedroom

In anticipation of Steve coming up, Angela wanders around the second floor a bit. She stops at the main bedroom and goes in. What a mess it’s in here! That is the Nicole she knows and loves. A little cheeky smile comes over her face, but she also starts to get somewhat nervous…

Hide, Nicole Is Back!

Her heart is starting to pound a bit faster now. Was she making the right decision here? Still stuck in thought and doubting what she was doing, she suddenly hears Steve yell from downstairs: “Hide! Nicole is already back!”


Angela is frozen for a second and then starts to panic. Why was she already home? She was supposed to be away until at least midnight. She couldn’t even have made it halfway to the city by now. Was she maybe suspecting something after all?

Hiding Under The Bed

When Angela hears the front door opening and quick feet coming up the stairs, she has very little time to think. The only place she can think to hide is under the bed and quickly makes under it. She just hopes Nicole doesn’t find her. How would she even explain this to her?

Two Bare Feet

Mere seconds after Angela made her way under the bed, she sees the bedroom door open and 2 bare feet enter. She immediately knows it’s Nicole and Angela is holding her breath. Could this be it? Could her perfect plan all fall to pieces now? 

Nicole Had Forgotten Something

Moments earlier, Nicole is still making her way to the dinner party with no intention of returning home any time soon. She is so excited to finally see her friends again! But then she realizes that she might have forgotten something in her rush, she tries to call Steve but he doesn't pick up his phone...

Her New Heels!

She is wearing the new fancy dress she bought for the occasion, she forgot to put on the heels she got from Steve! She is still wearing her old sneakers. She quickly turns the car around and heads back home. Luckily she is only 10 minutes away

Why Didn’t Steve Open The Door?

Nicole speeds on the way back and when she gets home she almost jumps out of her car. She sees that Steve notices her through the window, but to her surprise, he doesn’t make his way to the door to open it for her. What is he doing?

Steve Seems Nervous

After scrambling to get her keys, she quickly opens the door herself and that is when Steve makes his way to her. He almost nervously asks what she is doing home so soon. She had told him that it would probably be well past midnight before she returned.

To The Bedroom!

Nicole explains that she has forgotten the nice heels he had bought for her and shows him that she is still wearing her old sneakers while she is taking them off. Steve offers to help her search for them, but Nicole already knows exactly where they are. Upstairs in their bedroom!

No Way To Stop Her

Before Steve can do anything to stop her, Nicole is already rushing up the stairs, in her mind, there is no time to lose. Steve is still standing downstairs unsure of what to do now. Does he follow her and try to lead her away from Angela, or just hope that she is hidden well? 

It’s A Mess

Nicole makes her way into the bedroom. For a second she deeply regrets her messy way of life when she sees all the piles of clothes on the floor. How is she ever supposed to find her heels here? She takes a deep breath and starts searching.

Under The Bed...

After a little bit of searching, Nicole manages to find the first heel, but the second one just seems to have disappeared into thin air or something. Then Nicole realizes there is only one place she has not yet looked and makes her way over to the bed…

Angela Watched Nervously 

Angela is watching everything unfold. She gets more and more nervous every second that Nicole spends taking the room apart. So far she has not been discovered, but she doesn’t know how long this luck will last. The stress is becoming almost unbearable...  

Looking For Her?

When Nicole first entered the room, Angela feared that she might actually be looking for her. Maybe she had given herself away with her excuses. But when she saw Nicole pick up one of the heels, she quickly figured out what was going on. 

There Was Still Hope

Angela tried to keep herself calm with the idea that all Nicole had to do was find the other heel and she would be on her way. Her plans were not off the table just yet. There was still hope that everything would work out as planned. But then she noticed it…

The Missing Heel

While Angela was waiting, she started to look around a bit and saw the heel Nicole was looking for. It was under the bed with her! Before she could even fully comprehend what was happening, she already saw Nicole bending down on one knee...

Face To Face

Moments later she was face to face with her best friend, looking her straight into each other's eyes. She could not speak a word, but Angela knew it was all over now. How was she going to explain this? Was there any way of saving this situation? 

Nicole Was Shocked

Nicole could not believe her eyes. Angela? What was her best friend doing under her bed? She thought she was sick at home. How did she even get her? A million scenario’s started playing in her head before a word was even spoken. And none of those scenarios were positive...

Handing Nicole The Missing Heel

Having gone completely red now Angela gets out from under the bed and hands Nicole the missing heel. “I think this is what you were looking for…”. Nicole doesn’t even stick her hand out to get the missing heel from Angela, so she puts it on the bed. 

Getting Really Mad

Nicole tries to regain her composure a bit because she believes she has figured out what was going on and is about to explode on Angela. How could she do this to her? Her best friend! But before she can go off on her, Angela starts trying to explain herself... 

Steve Enters The Room

“I know what it looks like, but it is not what you think. I didn’t come here for Steve, I came here for you!” Nicole doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry at this stupid excuse. But this is also the moment Steve walks into the room and Nicole’s focus shifts.

Explaining Everything

Nicole starts screaming at Steve. “Are you cheating on me?! How could you do this to me?! With my best friend?!” Steve is very much taken aback by this. “Absolutely not! That is not why Angela is here at all!” Then they start explaining everything…

Getting Into Contact 

Steve had contacted Angela a couple days earlier because he had noticed how much Nicole was missing Angela lately. But Steve also knew his girlfriend very well and figured she was too afraid of rejection to plan something with Angela herself.

Staying A Week

Steve had told all this to Angels and they came up with a plan to surprise Nicole. Angela would come to the house when Nicole was away and install herself in the guest bedroom. This with the intention of spending a week together with her best friend.

Spending Time Together

Because Nicole was working from home so much, they figured that this was the perfect place to spend time with Nicole. Angela had even taken a week off work for this so all her undivided attention could be for Nicole and enjoying their time together.

The Perfect Surprise

The friend group was also in the know of this surprise, so they knew Angela would cancel at the last minute to set up the surprise. It would have been the perfect end to a perfect day if Nicole came back home from dinner and found Angela there.

Happy Tears

Angela’s suitcase which was filled with clothes and everything you need for a short vacation, alongside the text messages between her and Steve, was all the evidence Nicole needed. She burst out in tears, but these were most definitely happy tears!

Rekindling The Friendship 

They decide that Angela would join Nicole for the dinner, which was still happening, while Steve prepared the guest bedroom for Nicole. In the week that follows, Nicole and Angela manage to rekindle their friendship to the fullest and start meeting up a lot more often afterward!

This story is a work of fiction created for entertainment. Characters and events are the products of the author’s imagination. The images shown are used for illustration only.