You Won't Mind Revealing Your Age For These Sweet Perks


None of us like to think of ourselves as old, let alone senior citizens, but there are lots of awesome discounts out there for people 55 and older. You might want to stand up tall and boast your age if it means snagging a sweet deal, right?

1. Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean cruise line offers discounts for those over 55. If you can't find the discount online, don't hesitate to call and have an agent assist you in getting the best rate available.

2. Auto Services

Nationwide auto services such as Jiffy Lube and Midas offer senior discounts. If you have your car serviced at an independent repair shop, ask if they offer a senior discount.

3. Gym Membership

Many local and chain gyms offer senior discounts. This is another time it doesn't hurt to ask. If they don't offer a senior discount, they may offer a cheaper off-hours membership that you could take advantage of.

4. Kohl's

Kohl's offers a 15% savings to seniors over 55 every Wednesday.

5. American Airlines

When you book a flight with American Airlines you can select from a drop down indicating you are over 65. The discount will vary by flight.

6. Auto Insurance

Many of the large auto insurance carriers offer a Mature Driver discount. Some require you to take a test. Talk to your agent to make sure you are receiving any potential discounts.

7. Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn offers a senior discount for those 62 and over. Discounts can vary between 10% and 30%.

8. National Parks

The National Parks Service offers a Senior Pass. For $80, you gain lifetime access to over 2,000 recreation sites across the U.S. Those traveling with you may also be included on your pass. The age you become eligible for the pass is 62.

9. Trailways

This national bus line offers discounts for seniors. The discounts vary, so be sure to ask when booking your travel.

10. Southwest Airlines

Southwest is another airline that offers discounted fares for travelers over 65. Be sure to talk to an agent or look for the dropdown when booking online to get the discount.

11. AMC Theaters

Look up your local AMC Theater online to verify the discount in your area. Discounts are typically offered for people over 60, but the amount of the discount may vary. Some theaters have special senior day discounts where admission is even more heavily discounted.

12. AT&T

AT&T offers a special Senior Nation plan. Available to seniors over 65, this plan is only for cell phones and does not have service for smart phones or tablets, however. It does offer 200 anytime minutes, 500 night and weekend minutes, as well as unlimited mobile to mobile, all for about $30 per month. You have to go to a store or call to set up this service.

13. Rite Aid

This retail chain offers discounts to seniors through their Wellness 65+ program. The free Rite Aid program offers a 20% discount to members on the first Wednesday of every month.

14. Applebee's Restaurant

Appplebee's national chain of restaurants offers a 10-15% discount to people over 60. The amount of the discount varies by location.

15. Best Western

Seniors over 55 can look for a 10% discount at Best Western's national chain of motels. 

16. Great Clips

Looking for a budget haircut? Great Clips offers senior discounts at most locations. Check your local store to see what discount they offer for seniors.

17. Ace Hardware

Ace Hardware is a national chain of hardware stores. While the discount varies by location, they offer a senior discount to customers over 60.

18. A & W

This fast food chain offers a 10% discount to seniors. The age varies by location, so be sure to ask.

19. Walgreens

Walgreens offers those over 55 a 20% discount on the first Tuesday of the month.

20. Marriott Hotels

Marriott offers a 15% discount to seniors over 62.

21. Cinemark

Cinemark Theaters are located nationwide, and, like many chains, the discount offered varies by location. They offer discounts to movie-goers over 62.

22. Utilities

Here is another discount opportunity that will vary by location. Check with your local power company to make sure you receive any discounts they may offer to seniors.

23. Boston Market

Boston Market offers a senior discount to patrons over 65. The amount of the discount varies by location.

24. Ross Dress For Less

Frugal shoppers rejoice! Ross has an "Every Tuesday" club that customers over 55 can sign up for. Sign-up is free and entitles members to 10% off on Tuesdays.

25. Quality Inn

Quality Inns across the U.S. offer those over 60 a 20-30% off when making reservations with them. 

26. Amtrack

Travel by train on Amtrack, and expect to save 10% if you are over 65.

27. Subway Restaurants

This sandwich chain offers customers over 60 a 10% discount on their meal.

28. Museums

Check for discounts to local museums and any that you might visit while traveling. Check online to see what discounts you might be eligible for.

29. Sonic Drive-Ins

This fast food chain offers either a 10% discount or free drink to customers 60 and over.

30. Supercuts

Supercuts offers a 10% discounts for seniors over 60.