Young Beauty Photographer Tells You How Sexy It Is To Have An Animal's Eye


Flóra Borsi, a young female photographer from Hungary, with her keen sense of art and gifted creativity, shot this group of self portraits of people and animals full of visual impact.

——The Animeyed series, by far, is her favorite series.

Same eye

Flóra acted as the model herself, changing her movements and expressions to reveal the personalities of her animal partners, and used her exceptional Photoshop skills to create a series of animal-themed works. Surreal effects and Borsi use colors and props to make the work look more like sharing the same eye with animals.

Similar modeling, overlapping eyes, human and animal overlap, human and animal twist intertwined, the difference between species is weakened by modeling, this simple visual difference caused a strong emotional shock in the viewer's heart.

"I think my work has a strong personal style. All my inspiration comes from my own life, memories, emotions and experiences" she said when asked about the creative process.

Preparation in advance

Animeyed series photography is simple in composition and ingenious in conception, which is very touching.

"Before I started shooting, I couldn't take the original pictures. I had to use the photo library because I didn't have snakes or puffer fish at home. In this case, using the image library is the only choice. "

Flóra goal is to be original, and she can't be content to imitate the simple photos found on Google. So it's almost certain that she will start taking her own photos. This time, she had the honor of photographing live animals, not real wild animals, but her dog dezso.


"It's much easier to use my own photos! Because I don't need to add light and shadow effects to my gallery photos to match my self portrait. Post production time has also been reduced from 10 hours to 3 hours. The actual shooting took only an hour."

However, she chose to photograph her pet not just for speed.

"I chose denzso for this series because I wanted to convey love and care. In this case, I photographed my real relationship with animals. This series of works is based on my real story and memories of the past. That's why it became my favorite in the entire Animeyed series."

Flóra has always used herself as a model, which she says has both advantages and challenges. Sometimes it's easier to do it yourself than to teach others.

"When I want to express an emotion through only one facial expression, it's easier to pose because I know what I want to express best."

"However, many times, it's very troublesome to really create. For example, when I make a mistake, I can't adjust it immediately. I have to look at the photos first, and then take a better one again."

When asked where the inspiration came from, AVA mentioned several photographers who had influenced her.

Tim Walker, Istvan Sandorfi, Gottfried Helnwein, Solve Sundsbo and Marton Perlaki.